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Boozy Brownie Bites
Robert Huppert

I ordered the Boozy Brownie Bites for my birthday,which happens to be St.Patricks Day.Very moist and delicious,with hints of the different alcohol flavors.A nice treat!

Happy Birthday! So glad you enjoyed them!

The Classic Combo
Aimee Sullivan
Best Brownies

The Nettie brownies are off the shelf delicious. Moist and yummy, best I’ve had.


I like these brownie. They are like the perfect size for a quick bite. I had the chocolate chip but wasn't to impressed with that 1. The raspberry and peanut butter are my favorite. Little pricy but worth it I feel

Create Your Own Assortment
David MaroneySr.
Excellent Again

Everyone of them as delicious as before: great individual taste. Rich and satisfying !

The Classic Combo
Ariana Anderson
Little Bit of Heaven!

Little bits of heaven in your mouth. Amazing little things they are. They only issues I had was that I didn’t receive my entire order.

The best brownies!!!

I love that they are soften the inside, the perfect amount of chocolate on the outside and there are so many flavor options! :)

Create Your Own Assortment
Corey Boltzhauser
Loved it!

This was my first time buying these and i was impressed! I loved all the flavors i chose and i plan on ordering more when i get a chance!

Great for long distance family!

Absolutely love these! I sent a box to my mother-in-law for her birthday and she was raving about them all weekend to relatives. We live out of state from family and it made a really great surprise. Who wouldn’t love getting upscale brownies like this?! I like the selections and the variety they offer, there’s something for everyone. I’ll definitely be ordering again soon, but maybe for myself as a treat instead.

Valentine's Day Assortment
Andre Fuller

This brownie are amazing

The Happy Valentine's Day Box
AJ Freeman

Excellent. Good service.

really good brownies

Like REALLY good brownies, I was skeptical and then pleasantly surprised. I got an assortment, and each sample had its own unique quality that made that flavor stand out. Very well done, I would order the subscription without hesitation next time I'm looking for a fun food gift.

boozy brownies


The Valentine's Box
Moataz Hamdan
Loved every brownie

Taste was moist and delightful, I loved every bit of it! Thank you so much!

The Happy Valentine's Day Box

Great treat to send to college students. They loved them and got there quickly.

Valentine's Day Assortment
Angie Hansen

Super delicious assortment and fast shipping.

Got them as Valentine's Day Gift for my sister.

Bought as a gift, sister loved them! Liked the idea of picking different flavors based on what she would like. Arrived as promised a few days prior to the holiday.

Valentine's day treats

My boyfriend loved the brownies i ordered for valentine's day.

The Valentine's Box
Nancy Polonski
Valentine brownies

I ordered these for my daughter they were shipped on time and arrived perfectly! She loved them!

The Valentine's Box
Robert Heidelburg

Very tasteful, and fresh

Valentine's Day Assortment
Britt Lambert

Valentine's Day Assortment

Custom Brownie Bites

Soooo delightful!

Really great brownies for an amazing price! So moist and extremely flavorful!

Create Your Own Assortment


This is the best caramel bark ever. They are packaged securely and they are soooo yummy and moist. The flavoring on them is top tier. You don’t wanna miss out buying these I promise you! The added m&ms are sooo cute. I’m so happy with this purchase.

Worth it

The assortment was delicious I couldn't stop eating them!