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Gluten-Free Assortment - 16 - Nettie's Craft Brownies

The Gluten-Free Combo

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The best of our classic brownie bite flavors, now in gluten-free form. This box contains an assortment of gluten-free brownie bites, sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

This box includes an assortment of our gluten-free brownie bites: GF Classic Brownie Bite, GF Sea Salt Brownie Bite, GF White Chocolate Brownie Bite

*Note: Our gluten-free brownie bites are made in a facility, and shares equipment, with products that contain gluten. They are not recommended for extreme sensitivities.

Customer Reviews

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Allen-Solorio Devorah
Pure yumminess

I ordered the gluten free for my mom and an assortment for myself. They were far better than I had hoped. Good luck getting them into the freezer. I had eaten half the box before two days had passed!

One very happy chocolate lover!

Know several gluten-free people and after seeing you make gluten free brownies sent them to everyone of them and they were pleasantly surprised and loved them.
So thanks for filling a void and bringing lots of joy.

Brenda Phillips
Gluten free brownies

Beyond awesome , love them !!!

Jamie Woodard
Gluten free

I sent the gluten free brownies to a friend. She LOVED them.

Long Island Lady
Heavenly little bites!

Heavenly little bites!

Ordered gluten free and regular for gifts. Then I thought I should go taste them before they were delivered, easy to do as I live locally. Tried the regular and also the gluten free. I tasted no difference between them, gluten free was just as wonderfully tasty. All I can say is - how did I not know about these heavenly divine bites? Do not hesitate to send as a gift!!