About Craft Brownies

It all started with a brownie.

Let's back up. It all started with a brownie recipe. This particular recipe was handed down to Joe McHeffey, owner of Nettie's Country Bakery, from a German baker named Rudy. It calls for real, old-fashioned ingredients and never wastes a scrap.

Rudy's Brownies Recipe

Rudy's Original Brownie Recipe

Rudy's Brownies had become quite a hit at Nettie's when someone had the brilliant idea to dip one in chocolate. As you might imagine, it was divine. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we cut them into bite sized pieces, hand-dipped them in chocolate, and drizzled them in red and pink.

The brownie bites flew off the shelves and the reviews came pouring in. Amazing, delicious, perfect. Someone actually called them life-changing. (We weren't in it to change lives but, hey, we'll take it!)

The customers demanded more and we knew we had something special.

With that, Nettie's Craft Brownies was born.